HWS Recruiting process

Receipt of application
You can upload your documents via our job portal. We will be informed immediately about your interest in the respective vacancy.

Examination HR
We will review your application documents in a timely manner. Here we pay particular attention to the completeness of the documents, the presentation of the relevant professional experience, and an adequate self-description.

First Interview
In the first interview we get to know you better and you have the opportunity to ask further questions about the vacancy and the company.
What are your goals? What makes you stand out? What do you enjoy doing? What are your strengths and also your weaknesses?

Examination Department

After a successful initial interview, we hand over your application documents to the respective department. Our specialists will review your documents, particularly with regard to your specialist knowledge, and check to what extent you fit into the team. 


Interview Department

In the subject-related interview, we will further discuss your information about your professional qualifications during the interview. In which tool are you particularly fit, which programming languages do you master well, or which tasks and challenges do you manage easily?



Finally, we will sit down with our specialist department and evaluate how you fit into the team and to what extent your expertise can support our team in achieving its goals.